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will kaufhold ancient greens.jpg

Ancient Greens (Saskatoon SK)

Longtime electronic musician, Will Kaufhold, creates soundscapes using analog synthesizers and sequencers in his new project Ancient Greens. His extemporized performances contrast dream-like drone with aleatory samples, DIY circuits, and sub frequencies. Ancient Greens ventures to create rich ambient soundscapes - avant-garde with sweet moments of consonance that spiral and unfold into impenetrable pillars of sound.

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Bitter Fictions

(Calgary AB )

Bitter Fictions is Devin Friesen’s ongoing obsession with the electric guitar as an
instrument/generator of atmosphere and texture. Bitter Fictions narrates and sculpts with feedback to ends soothing yet damaged, expansive yet insular, familiar and alien. Texture over technique and trying to avoid cliché with such a clichéd choice of instrument. Bloom and decay, nature and concrete, a dirt smeared beehive, the morning river, remnants and scraps of fractured language.

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02GreyScreen Live Performance.jpg

GreyScreen (Calgary AB)

Kevin Stebner is a multidisciplinary artist and musician based out of Calgary, performing chiptune music under the moniker, GreyScreen, using "outdated" video game technology (Gameboys) to make audio compositions that are then performed live.

GreyScreen has toured all over the place with a lunchbox full of Gameboys, and has released a number of albums over the years culminating 2016’s Chillebration – a tour-de-force pushing the outer-reaches of what a Gameboy can manage.

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Lost In Transcription.jpg

Lost in Transcription (Regina / Kennedy SK)

Lost in Transcription is a new music duo between WL Altman (Regina, SK) and Jeff Morton
(Kennedy, SK). The duo uses techniques of transcription to make experimental and
improvised music with electronic and acoustic instruments, voice, and processing.

Lost in Transcription presents a project derived from the country and western music of Lynn Anderson, whose song You Can’t Lose What You Never Had (1983) represents a point of departure for the duo to inform melody, harmony, vocal style, and sentiment.

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natural sympathies.jpg

Natural Sympathies (Regina SK)

Natural Sympathies is the solo project of Regina musician Amber Goodwyn, formerly of the Montreal bands Cobra & Vulture and Nightwood. Trading her former guitar music for low-fi, pared-down electro pop ditties, Natural Sympathies is an eclectic mix of playful vocal harmonies, imaginative lyrics, insolent drum machine beats, organ and synth.

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(Saskatoon SK)

Ursa produces ambient electronic works that drift between drone and dream. Bring a pillow. Ursa is not for everyone.

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(Regina SK)

ygretz pulls you into the open skies.

The prairie dreamweaver puts her audience at ease with smooth, marching instrumentals and codeine-laced melodies, then strikes when they least expect.

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