Sounds Like VII: Dialogues

- a critical investigation of sound as interpersonal discourse.

As online anonymity has bred aggressive trolls and reactionary outrage culture, and vitriolic soundbites pass for communication, civil discussion is in short supply. With Dialogues, the 7th edition of Sounds Like, we examine how innovative practices in audio art and improvisational musics counter this prevailing social climate.

The program explores the role of collaboration and improvisation in developing responsive sonic dialogue between performers. Dialogues further looks at the interdependent relationship between performer and audience as a dynamic form of collective dialogue, where meaning and value form as emergent properties. Through performances, installations and workshops, Dialogues encourages critical discourse around contemporary audio practices.

Thanks to venue support from community partners La Troupe du Jour, Remai Modern, The Broadway Theatre, and The Storefront, Sounds Like extends the conversation to a broad public, creating an event that is as much about careful listening as it is about creative expression. PAVED Arts has engaged Saskatoon’s Unheard Sound Collective to curate this 7th edition of the festival.



Sounds Like - An Audio Festival:
Sounds Like is an annual audio festival based in Saskatoon, SK, featuring local and international artists exploring sound-based work. Under the direction of PAVED Arts since 2016, Sounds Like was reformatted as an annual project of sustained curatorial exploration.