Saskatoon artist, Jon Vaughn, has been planning after-parties for Sounds Like festival, since it’s inception in 2011.
In 2016, PAVED Arts decided to make these after-parties an official part of the festival, and so a tradition lives on!

Jon Vaughn has continued the theme of Dialogues with his curation of the after party programme, with a focus on live collaborations, experimental electronics, and contemporary vinyl DJs. This years suite of after-parties will feature rare solo sets by artists who most often work in collaborative projects (i.e. Doreen Girard, Zac Knuttila, Booji Bomb), as well as never-before-seen collaborations between travelling and local artists. Thursday night might get weird through the combined efforts of local noise/experimental artist Dallas Kruselnicki aka Greenmist, multi-disciplinary artist Kelly Ruth, & Toronto’s omni-talented sound maker Colin Fisher. Friday night features two potentially hypnotic trios; local musician/composer Melissa Gan aka respectfulchild in a blend of strings and electronics with Martin Rodriguez and Natanielle Felicitas, and bassoon player Alex Eastley with local improvisers Brennan Risley on saxophone and Jon Vaughn on voice and electronics. Expect a special performance by Saskatoon’s shoegazing groovers Waitress on Saturday and the DJs Carl Soviet, Ryan Coke, Dissonance and VC Vibes in between sets and closing the parties.

Tickets are $5 at the door, or free with a Festival Pass. Cash bar.


11pm Doreen Girard (Winnipeg, MB) - solo
1130pm Kelly Ruth (Winnipeg, MB) + Greenmist (aka Dallas Kruszelnicki, Saskatoon, SK) + Colin Fisher (Toronto, ON) - trio
12am Kris Burwash (Edmonton, AB) - solo
DJ Carl Soviet (aka Travis Cole)
DJ Ryan Coke (aka Christopher Laramee)

1030 pm Zac Knuttila (Saskatoon, SK - live) 
1100 pm Alex Eastley + Brennan Risling + Jon Vaughn
1130pm respectfulchild (aka Memelissa Gan Saskatoon, SK) + Natanielle Felicitas (Winnipeg, MB) + Martín Rodríguez (Montreal, QC)
DJ Dissonance (aka Nick Kirk) (Stoon)

11pm Booji Bomb feat. Honma (aka Jeremy Kiss featuring Jesse Hicks) (Stoon)
1130pm Waitress (Stoon)
DJ VC Vibes (aka Jon Vaughn) (Stoon)

All DJ sets on records only/on turntables