7:00pm - 9:30pm @ Aka artist-run / PAVED Arts
(424 20th Street West)
To close out the festival, Sounds Like presents two free film & video programs curated especially for this years theme of Dialogues and presented by WUFF and Panospria. Sponsored in part by BlackFlash Magazine.

Light <> Sounda collection of cinematic, audio & visual experiments
This collection of experimental films presents a diverse and elusive collection of auditory experiments, created through the eye of the cinematograph. In many cases we hear sounds that are directly distilled from images (Dingbat's Revenge, Parallel Inquiries).  In others, experimental methods create likewise experimental soundtracks, whether through chopped up and multi-layered a/v clips (Cropduster Octet) or through directly recording a hard drive's otherworldly mechanics while editing the film itself (I (FRAME)).  Sound and image become indeterminable, creating true synesthetic visions born of the filmmaking process.
   1. Univverrsal Picturessssss (.5min), dir. Jan Mensen
   2. Horizontes (3.5min), dir. Miguel Aparicio
   3. Dingbat's Revenge (7min), dir. Scott Fitzpatrick
   4. (I)FRAME (10.5min), dirs. Karissa Hahn + Andrew Kim
   5. Parallel Inquiries (9.5min), dir. Christina C. Nguyen
   6. Burning Star (4min), dir. Joshua Solondz
   7. Crop Duster Octet (5min), dir. Gregg Biermann
   8. BLOPS (3min), dir. John Klacsmann
   9. Answer Print (5min), dir. Mónica Savirón
  10. Hacked Circuit (15min), dir. Deborah Stratman
Presented by Winnipeg Underground Film Festival. Curated by Aaron Zeghers.
Total running time: 63min


Spirit Guide to Low Techa series of meditations and creative visualizations from fellow seekers and enlightened beings
Divination emits flickers of meaning and connotation, the significance of which is determined by the viewer.
Do you hear sound when you dream?
Immerse, attune, and engage.
   1. Zodiacal Light (8:54), Leyla Majeri & Katherine Kline. Montreal, 2012
   2. Wavedrifting No.1 (6:47), Gary James Joynes. Edmonton, 2011
   3. 3 x 2 (2:38), Erin Sexton. Montreal, 2011
   4. My Travels in Palestine (15:10), Jean Bourbonnais, Alexander Moskos & Blake Hargreaves. Montreal, 2009
   5. Vertigo Digression No.3 (12:03), Julie Gendron & Emma Hendrix. Vancouver, 2016
   6. Sweeper (16:58), crys cole. Winnipeg, 2009
Presented by Panospria. Curated by Constantine Katsiris
Total Running Time: 62:30

Also screening November 9 - 11
12:00pm - 6pm Daily @ Storefront (325 21 Street West)