• Remai Modern (map)
  • 102 Spadina Crescent East
  • Saskatoon, SK, S7K 0L3
  • Canada


October 4 - 12
10:00am - Close @ Remai Modern (102 Spadina Crescent East)
Olivia Block, Vestibule, sound installation

Olivia Block investigates the interaction between physical architecture, human anatomical structures, and social relations through the use of sound. Vestibule, her site- specific installation at the Remai Modern, creates sonic interventions throughout the museum. Speakers emitting white noise are tucked subtly into functional architectural elements like stairwells, hallways, and other transitory areas, and placed in open portions of larger rooms. The built materials subtly filter and color the noise, bringing out the acoustic qualities of each area. Additionally, a spoken map of the building, recorded by Block walking through the museum and speaking the name of each room, occasionally interrupts the noise in each speaker, disrupting the sonic and social flow of each area.